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The Definitive Voice of, and Advocate for, Florida Securities Firms and Investment Advisors
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Welcome to the Florida Securities Dealers & Advisors the definitive voice of the Florida securities industry for over 90 years.

Representing broker-dealers, investment advisors, mutual funds, insurance companies, and other securities firms throughout the Sunshine State, the FSDA serves the industry before Florida legislators and regulators.

With Board members representing all segments of the securities industry, the FSDA is continually expanding its efforts, providing new opportunities for networking and improving the business climate for our industry in Florida.

The FSDA maintains effective and productive communications with lawmakers and regulators, and promotes the welfare of its members. The FSDA helps make sure that Florida is guided by responsible regulations and laws. That’s good business, and it’s good for our customers, employees and the investing public, too.



Since 1933, FSDA has been the voice of the securities industry in Florida. It is our mission to advocate on behalf of the industry and provide education opportunities for our members and Florida's investing public.

How does the FSDA strive to achieve this mission?

  • Monitors regulatory, legislative, and judicial developments

  • Maintains positive communications with regulators and legislators regarding these developments

  • Proposes and advocates for changes to regulations and legislation, where appropriate, to achieve a fair and balanced business environment

  • Engages a lobbyist to assist in monitoring and responding to proposed regulatory and legislative changes and to advocate on its behalf.


The FSDA was founded in 1933. It is the oldest and largest state securities association in the country. Historic key members include past presidents Tom James (founder and CEO of Raymond James), Ralph Allen (former president of Allen & Co., the oldest broker-dealer headquartered in Florida), and William R. Hough, Sr. (founder of William R. Hough & Co.)

The FSDA is committed to achieving fair and balanced regulation and legislation of the securities industry in Florida. The FSDA’s Board of Governors is comprised entirely of volunteers from member firms, investment advisors, law firms and consultants, who contribute significant time and effort to achieve the FSDA’s objectives.

The FSDA has for many years maintained positive working relationships with regulators and key legislators and communicates effectively with respect to pending regulatory and legislative developments.

Originally created, to promote networking and continuing education events, the FSDA has shifted its focus to regulatory, legislative, and judicial developments with the objective of achieving fair and balanced regulation and legislation of the securities industry in Florida.


FSDA members meet several times each year to discuss objectives and develop strategies for achieving these objectives. Sometimes, FSDA convenes in Tallahassee early in the legislative session during which members meet in both formal and informal settings with key regulators and legislators to discuss policy and pending and proposed initiatives, and to enhance relationships. The Board also holds a meeting following the legislative session to evaluate the effectiveness of its efforts during the session.

FSDA Committees meet throughout the year to conduct committee business.

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