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The Definitive Voice of, and Advocate for, Florida Securities Firms and Investment Advisors for More Than 80 Years.

Individual (non-corporate) Membership

What does the membership cost and include?

This level costs $250 annually and was created for individuals only. Member name will be listed on the website. This level allows access to all marketing materials and legislative updates. Members would be permitted to attend all activities during the year at a discounted cost. Member does not have voting privileges or the ability to serve on a committee.

Members would be able to use “Member FSDA” on their marketing materials with approval from the board.

‚ÄčAll new members would be required to apply and be approved by the board.

A. Brad Busscher

InspereX LLC

Dionne Fajardo, Esq.

Englander Fischer

Debra A. Jenks, Esq.
Debra A. Jenks, P.A.

Elizabeth Marquardt, Esq.

Elizabeth A. Marquardt, P.A.

Rose M. Schindler, Esq.
Greenspoon Marder, P.A.

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